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The Home Tree

A Tiny Panfandom Game

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Name:The Home Tree
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Community description:Panfandom RPG

a tiny adventure
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be as tiny as a pixie? As small as a doll?

Now is your chance!
Deep inside a dense, unnamed forest stands an ancient old tree known to the forest's inhabitants as the Home Tree. A guardian of nature, this living oak is both the heart of the forest - and the home to the smallest of brave adventurers. Together, these little visitors have come to solve the mysteries of the tree, the forest and their reason for being here.

The Home Tree is a panfandom RPG influenced by fairy tales and amazing stories such as Epic, the Borrowers, Ferngully and even Disney's Fairies. Mixing this with traditional tabletop adventures, this game is all about adventures, quests and exploring - as well as enjoying the slice of life of being a tiny winged pixie! This strange living tree has a lot of secrets and dangers waiting to be tackled by the shrunken characters, including the strange mystery of the gems.
What are you waiting for? Pick your gem and grow your wings to start your own tiny adventure!

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